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Scan in CI/CD Pipelines

Scan is purpose built for integration into your workflow. Here are a few integration approaches for Scan with modern CI/CD systems:

Repository based platforms

Public cloud platforms

Dedicated CI/CD

Cloud-native CI/CD


For CI/CD systems not listed here (TeamCity, GoCD etc), here are few things you can try:

  • Create a container-based job or build step and use shiftleft/scan as the image. Some CI systems might expect the full name to be provided: docker://shiftleft/sast-scan:latest
  • For the command use scan. If this command doesn't succeed check if the source code is available and that the project is compiled. You may need to perform these steps before invoking scan.

This approach may not work reliably and should be used only as the last resort. Use the docker run command mentioned in the Getting started

docker run --rm -e "WORKSPACE=${PWD}" -v "$PWD:/app" shiftleft/sast-scan scan

In some CI systems, running docker command might be supported but might need some configuration to explicitly turn it on. For instance, Travis requires a service docker to enable docker support.

Once you manage to get it working please share the steps with us via GitHub issues so that we can update this documentation.

Last update: January 25, 2023